Behind The Beat

Press Release:
UPDATED: 07/20/18

***Behind The Beat will airĀ  Sunday evenings at 9e/8c ***

DanceMixUSA and Sobel Nation have joined together in a new venture that is called, “Behind The Beat.”

We are pleased to announce we will be launching fast and furious beginning this weekend.

“Behind The Beat” is an hour long talk/music show, hosted by DJ Ricky Sixx and DJ Ron S, covering EDM/Music News/Pop Culture and interviewing the hottest artists, producers, DJs, and music industry focal figures, along with playing some of the hottest music, past and present.

The partnership of DMUSA and Sobel brought the idea of a show that gets our listeners behind the music scene, offering your favorite players in the industry an avenue to promote their work and have that time to talk about anything and everything.
If you took “The View,” swapped Whoopi and her crew with two internationally-recognized DJs, and the hottest producers and artists, it would birth “Behind The Beat.”

The show will air every Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM CST on

We have a concrete time and slot for Rainbow Radio – with Sobel which is Monday 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST
For Dance World Radio – – Sundays 9-10 PM EST
For Sobel Nation Radio – – Wednesday 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST

As you can imagine we are very excited to get this up and running starting this weekend – and if anybody has any questions regarding
interviews, structure, etc. etc. please contact us and we will get back with you.

As lovers of EDM/Club music we believe it is part of our makeup to push EDM to new hights and get it out out to more people
and we hope that this show will be a contribution to the community as well as a resource for our listeners to tap into more
information and resources available in our community.

Thanks to everybody for your support and let’s see where this venture takes us as well as the community and the listeners.

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